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Capitalism is sexier than Communism!

Just browsing through the AOL blogs on fashion. 
The phrase is from this article, and will now stick with me for the rest of my life. 

And, I went to the engineering conference for women Thursday and Friday.
I now want to be an engineer so bad. xDD
I have to choose a specific one, but polymers and textiles seem to be my first choice, since I can then make the make-up. xD
And in close second, materials engineers, to make tennis rackets! xD
So it's a lot of science.
But I can get past that because there are so many jobs I would love with an engineering degree! xD
And I'm a sinner, but I want to go to GA Tech, and not UGA. Ha!
[Besides, gold is almost like yellow and then it would make sense for me to get a yellow jeep (which is what I've always wanted).]

We have too much homework in Calculus and it's boring me. 
Solving implicit differential equations got old, quick. 
Same with higher derivatives. 
ugh.  Too much.  It's the same thing over and over.
But the jerk function is great.
Because now, when someone calls another person a jerk, I immediately think "the derivative of acceleration," and giggle to myself.  BURN! You're such a derivative of acceleration!
/math dorking

Ummm, GHP interviews are Thursday/Friday.  I can't remember what day I'm on.  I have no worries.  It's really a practice for me, since there is only one other person in the math category and we both have to go.  (2 people go from each subject area and one from a foreign language, so that's 9 people.)

Umm... I love Paramore? I guess.  I think that song "Misery Business" is great to lip synch in front of my mirror to! xP

We're moving in.  I have to pack.  That sucks.  I have so much stuff in my room. ugh. lame.

More studying to do. <3