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Three wise men, yeah right.

There's this amazing store in the mall with all this cute/funny stuff in there. 
There were napkins with a lady shopping that said "All I want for Christmas is everything!"

I've been watching SNL.
"If I wanted to hear from an ass, I'd fart."
I laughed for 10 minutes. For cereal.

I haven't procrastinated on my Gov project too bad. 
Elaine and I have about 14 done....out of 56....

I watched it when I got home on Thursday. 
It was a happy day.

I'm getting a Mac for Christmas. 
I've been assured.
But, according to my father, "It's not a plaything."

I made banana blueberry bread and it's delicious.
You know you wish you were here.

I bought Victoria Secret Sweatpants for myself. 
They're wonderful. 
I know. Envy me. <3

We finally got my mom her Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette. 
That means I can wear it too.

I went on a movie watching binge yesterday.
I watched Million Dollar Baby and I didn't know it was  a sad movie. 
Yeah. I cried.
Then I watched Chicago.  I'm an awful person for not watching it before.
I loved it. 
And then I watched Freedom Writers.
Another movie I loved and cried (only once, though).
You sooo can't tell I love Hilary Swank.
I want to see P.S. I Love You, as well. 
And Sweeney Todd.

Still, remember.

Ugh. I hate December.

On a happier note, the school newspaper has added a writing section.
You should look at the poetry.  Oh god, it's awful. 
It makes me giggle.  And makes me feel a little better about my poetry for school (we had to write a poem. Mine was awful, but not as bad as what's on the website). 

Oh.  If John Nash (the mathematician) and I grew up in the same time period. 
I would have dated him.
For cereal.
I love him so much. 
I watched the movie today when I needed a break from the book.  (I'm about halfway through it.  I love it.)
The movie was... good. If I hadn't been reading the book before, I would have loved it and called it amazing.  I guess it is amazing, because I'm sure it's hard to show the audience he was a schizophrenic when the book just says it.  But if you think you can just watch the movie and skip the book, you're wroooong.  The book goes into such depth it's brilliant. 

The most amazing website ever.
You learn vocabulary words.  For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to starving people. 
You're learning and contributing to the world. 
You don't have to sign up.  The homepage has the first word and answer choices and from there, you just keep going. 
It really is wonderful.  xD

Moonlight comes back this Friday after two weeks.
I can't wait!
By the way, is the writer's strike over?

33 days until the Dolls in Atlanta!!!

Who else is enjoying Anderson Cooper on the youtube debates?

[Request] James Marsters - Like a Waterfall

Does anyone have James Marsters new album, Like a Waterfall?
I'll gladly upload anything from my last.fm for anyone who helps~~ &hearts;


I don't think I've ever been in such a good mood with all the homework I have to do.
I had an Anchor club meeting and was officially inducted and announced as the President-elect (fancy term for VP).
I had a meeting with the Watkins-Brown Junior Board of Trustees and talked about amazing things.  Like how we get to dole out money to preserve historic sites.  We have a Christmas party to smooze with politicos and people like that! Ahhh! I'm so excited.  This is like, my dream.  To be on this fancy board with snobby people like Rory does in Gilmore Girls. xDDD
I get to buy a little black cocktail dress! \o/

I also bought tickets for the Dolls concert yesterday, so that's exciting!

But yeah.  I have a paper to write, a Calc quiz to study for, and Gov terms to memorize. Yay!!!

(And don't you love my layout?)

Not even

the impending doom that is the SAT on Saturday can kill my mood.

The Dresden Dolls are touring.
And they will be in Atlanta.
Along with Two Ton Boa, which is an amazing band as well.
But honestly.
I will be in the presence of Amanda Palmer.  The sexiest woman alive.
After that concert, it won't matter if I get into college or not. 
My life will be complete.

My AIM isn't working.  Or more like, my computer doesn't want AIM to work.  It restarts itself when I sign in. =/
Not like that matters though.


Brian is also sexy.  And I love him. &hearts;

Life (in a handy plus/minus list)

++I got into the History Preservation Board of Trustees.  I slaved over those essays.  I'm so friggin' happy there are no words. Just a couple extra pluses. 
-I have a 91 in AP Calc.  It should be higher. =/ (Because I need at least 95's in all my classes to get my GPA up to my standards)
+The Calc midterm was easy.  I only thing I missed a problem and a half.
-I got an 87 on my AP Gov midterm. But that isn't factoring in my FRQ, which I know was bad. Ugh. The FRQ is 20% of our midterm grade.
+A guy who went to GHP two years ago (he's a senior now) read my application and said if he was a judge, he'd definitely put me in the program. I just need a strong interview.  xD
+I'm juggling three books right now and they're all amazing.  (Hey, chica.  I'm reading 100 years of solitude.  I've only gotten through the first chapter but it's not bad!)
-I sucked at tennis practice today. I hurt my back somehow too. =/
++It's fall break.
+I have space for another class next semester because I bullied my way into getting SAT Prep online. Heck yes.
+Dir en grey's new single is absolutely amazing. For cereals.
-I still haven't seen Across the Universe. This sucks.
+The cookies I made were delicious. 

10 +
4 -

Yey \o/

Of all the characters

J.K. had to make gay.
She chose him.
I'm very disappointed. 

The slash haters will start to whine in






Capitalism is sexier than Communism!

Just browsing through the AOL blogs on fashion. 
The phrase is from this article, and will now stick with me for the rest of my life. 

And, I went to the engineering conference for women Thursday and Friday.
I now want to be an engineer so bad. xDD
I have to choose a specific one, but polymers and textiles seem to be my first choice, since I can then make the make-up. xD
And in close second, materials engineers, to make tennis rackets! xD
So it's a lot of science.
But I can get past that because there are so many jobs I would love with an engineering degree! xD
And I'm a sinner, but I want to go to GA Tech, and not UGA. Ha!
[Besides, gold is almost like yellow and then it would make sense for me to get a yellow jeep (which is what I've always wanted).]

We have too much homework in Calculus and it's boring me. 
Solving implicit differential equations got old, quick. 
Same with higher derivatives. 
ugh.  Too much.  It's the same thing over and over.
But the jerk function is great.
Because now, when someone calls another person a jerk, I immediately think "the derivative of acceleration," and giggle to myself.  BURN! You're such a derivative of acceleration!
/math dorking

Ummm, GHP interviews are Thursday/Friday.  I can't remember what day I'm on.  I have no worries.  It's really a practice for me, since there is only one other person in the math category and we both have to go.  (2 people go from each subject area and one from a foreign language, so that's 9 people.)

Umm... I love Paramore? I guess.  I think that song "Misery Business" is great to lip synch in front of my mirror to! xP

We're moving in.  I have to pack.  That sucks.  I have so much stuff in my room. ugh. lame.

More studying to do. <3